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Making Tracks 

A guide booklet giving maps and a full descriptions of all the public rights of way in the parish has been published by the Project Group. It was updated in 2007 and is available for sale for £2.00 from the village shop, The Fisherman's Rest and from the Project Group.

Two free leaflets of self guided walks are also available from the above outlets. One is the Village Trail and Church guide, and the other is the Wildlife Trail, a walk along the Tidal Road and around the creek at Dukes Mill.

All routes can be walked and those that are not designated as footpaths may also be ridden on horseback, a few may be ridden by bicycle . All the routes are graded according to difficulty for walkers and give an approximate length and time taken.

Footpaths and rights of way for walkers

These rights of way are all indicated by finger posts or footpath arrows. A full map of the parish showing all these routes is included on this website, but one can be seen on the noticeboard in Timbers car park, and another is on display in the Memorial Hall. Otherwise walkers are advised to get a copy of Making Tracks. 

Footpath 1 Jubilee Street to Stakes Road
Footpath 1a Fore Street to Pitten's Barns.
Footpath 2 Fore Street to footpath 1a
Footpath 3 Stakes Road to Waterhead Lane
Footpath 4 Rock Hill (Hillhead) to Knap Mill road
Footpath 5 Church Lane to Knap Mill road
Footpath 6 South Efford to Stiddicombe Creek
Footpath 7 this path leaves footpath 6 from Stadbury drive to Osborne Newton
Footpath 8 Waterhead to Drunkard's Hill
Footpath 9 Stakes Road to Dukes Mill. Permissive path Drunkard's Hill to footpath10
Footpath 10 Waterhead/Borough Cross road to Prospect Cottage
Footpath 12 Hingston Borough to Stoverlake
Footpath 13 Waterhead to Ashford
Footpath 14 Wakeham Farm to Lixton
Footpath 15 Little Court to bridleway 17
Footpath 16 HIgher Wizaller to Langland bridge
Bridleway 17 Wakeham Lane to Chantry
Bridleway 18 Chantry to Lixton
Footpath 19 Chantry to Idston
Footpath 20 Chantry to bridleway 20a
Bridleway 20a Chantry to Beer Wood
Bridleway 21 Idston to Alleron bridge
Footpath 22 Hoppy Green Lane to Idston
Footpath 23 Slipway to footpath 3
Byway 24 Drunkard's Lane - Drunkard's Hill to Were Down
Byway 25 Beer Hil - Greyhill Cross to Alleron bridge
Byway 26 Wakeham Lane - Shorta Cross to Ashford/Langdon Cross road
Footpath 27 Bridge to foreshore, by Six Arches Permissive paths on upstream side of Aveton Gifford bridge
Unclassified road Hoppy Green Lane - Chantry road to Yabbacombe Farm drive
Unclassified road Stakes Road
Unclassified road Bennick tracks - Ley Farm to Harraton Farm


The Avon Estuary Walk

This is a waymarked trail right around the Avon estuary which includes several of the Aveton Gifford paths. In summer months the whole circuit can be completed by crossing the river by a small ferry at Bantham. The walk is marked by blue "Avon Estuary Walk" waymarkers, and includes an alternative route during high tide. This walk is not included in the Making Tracks booklet, but information and downloadable maps can be obtained from the South Devon AONB  -  

or tel;  01803 861384