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The Aveton Gifford Project Group is very respectful of copyright law and it's significance when using images on the internet.

Whilst we have taken great care not to infringe anyones rights we are concious that, in spite of due diligence searches, some images may have slipped through the net.

In the case of anyone finding an image on the site that they belive they have rightful ownership of and which are still in copyright, we invite the rights owner to come forward. We will of course either, freely publish with their permission and credit the owner, come to an arrangment to use it or if necessary, remove it.



Copyright runs out either 70 years after the death of the photographer, if known, or 70 years after the date of first publication if the photographer is unknown.
For the latter if published 70 or so years ago they are now in the Public Domain and you can be published with impunity.